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The UN Global Call to Creatives

The United Nations launched an open brief as a call for innovative ways to share critical health messages with a variety of audiences, as "we cannot resort to the usual tools in such unusual times."

The UN is seeking many creative solutions (not just one campaign) and they will amplify the best solutions through a variety of media outlets.

The brief contains resources and key messages, split into six mini-briefs for the most essential areas of public activation:

1. Personal hygiene

2. Social Distancing

3. Know the symptoms

4. Kindness contagion

5. Myth busting

6. Do more, donate

Graphic designers, industrial designers, photographers, videographers, media owners, influencers, brands and community groups - this is for you!

See the open brief here.

If you have something ready to disseminate or that has already gained traction, you can share it with the UN through this form.

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