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Need: 1000 hand-sewn masks per week

In Toronto, the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation is challenging the community to make 1000 hand-sewn masks per week.

The masks are not for medical staff - they are to free up medical-grade masks for the situations that need them most. These masks are intended to be worn by visitors to the hospital, discharged patients, and the broader community (any time people need to be within six feet of one another).

Image from @stitchy.thichy

The MGH Foundation would ideally like the mask to be a darker polyester fabric on the outside and lighter cotton fabric on the inside, but if you only have cotton fabric, that's acceptable too. These masks often include wire to help with fitting the nose and elastic straps for the ears, but the wire can be omitted and fabrics ties can be used instead of elastic straps based on availability.

If you have a sewing machine and some fabric, you have enough to help with this challenge!

Information on where and when to drop off the masks can be found here. And you can follow the progress at #mgh1000masks on Instagram.

This easy-to-follow mask sewing tutorial video from Boston fashion designer Erin Robertson may also be helpful!

Image from @an_erin

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