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Dyson designs CoVent ventilator in 10 days

Vacuum manufacturer Dyson has designed the new CoVent ventilator to help provide hospitals with the medical equipment that they urgently need. According to Dyson, the ventilators should be available in early April, as they "can be manufactured quickly, efficiently, and at volume".

Dyson is producing 15,000 of these ventilators. The UK government placed an order for 10,000 and Dyson is donating the additional 5,000. The company is working on how to make the CoVent available internationally.

Dyson has years of expertise in air purification and access to high-volume production facilities. Manufacturing company JCB has begun producing the steel housings required for the ventilators - see a video of the prototypes being made here.

Image from Dyson via Architectural Digest

Image from Dyson via Architectural Digest

Image from Production Engineering Solutions

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