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Design Can Help Original - Community Door Hanger

As many people are staying home and ordering online, there are frequent home deliveries. Contactless delivery has become the norm, but there is still a moment of uncertainty around how to navigate this awkward social interaction.

Through recent online conversations, our group of designers have come together to create something to try to help. We’ve designed this double-sided door hanger as a way to show gratitude and to convey a sense of solidarity. Ideally this sign would prevent the need for opening the door, keeping everyone safe.

When expecting deliveries, you can put the instruction side facing out to say thank you. Flip it to the other side to share an encouraging message.

This PDF shows how you can print one for yourself or create one using found materials if you don’t have a printer. When you make your own, please take a photo of the door hanger and share it with us @designcanhelp on Instagram!

Design for this project led by Adam Dimla and Simran Dadlani, with support from some of the Design Can Help team (Laura Carwardine, Andrew Hodgson, Dayna Mailach, Sasha Arfin, Ashuni Patel, Lauren D’Souza and Justine Houseley).

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